4 Benefits of Playing Call of Duty Mobile on Your PC

4 Benefits of Playing Call of Duty Mobile on Your PC

02/12/2021 Off By Barbara Higdon

While the series of Call of Duty PC games are played and adored by millions of gamers, the Call of Duty Mobile gaming app for Android has been playing catch-up. Traditionally, it was necessary to own an Android smartphone or tablet to play a game on this O/S, but now there are mobile emulators for Windows. If the PC is powerful enough, it can run a virtualized Android environment, allowing gamers to run the Call of Duty Mobile game on their computer too. Why would you do this? Here are four benefits to doing so.


1. Avoid Tying Up Your Mobile Device

When you play COD Mobile, it takes over the Android phone or tablet. Perhaps some notifications will come through, but you’re unable to jump to the messaging app without losing your place in the game. Occasionally, it’s possible to jump out and back mid-game, but you may get killed in the game while doing so, even if it’s only for a few seconds. By using a Call of Duty Mobile emulator, the phone or tablet isn’t taken over by the game. So, you can still receive important notifications and respond to them while gaming.

2. Save on Battery Life

The highly active nature of games tasks the CPU and GPU heavily and drains the battery quickly. Even newer devices with more substantial batteries can get drained; older phones won’t survive long. Plugging in a charging cable gets in the way of the touchscreen controls, making it less likely that you’ll see the “WINNER” banner when you’ve eliminated all your opponents, or your team has won. Also, if you forget about the battery, you may miss the notification when it’s down to just 10 percent. Shortly after, the phone could completely die even before your player does in COD Mobile. That would suck!

3. Use a More Comfortable User Interface

Using a phone to play a first-person shooter game is entirely different from playing a PC game or an Android one through an emulator. If you’re all fingers and thumbs, lacking a good sense of coordination, it could be something that you never master. Instead, when using an emulator to play an Android game, the keyboard and mouse make a welcome return. When you’re used to PC gaming but struggle with mobile games, traditional gaming controls can save the day.

4. Enjoy a Bigger Screen Experience

Seeing the action on a smaller screen is tough. That enemy lying prone in the distance is barely visible even with HD graphics on a newer phone. You might miss him or her sniping at you. However, if you are playing COD Mobile on your laptop or desktop PC, you’ll enjoy a 14-inch display or maybe an external monitor with a 23-inch or larger screen. This gives you the advantage of spotting enemies hiding in the tall grass even if they cannot see you…

There are many benefits to playing COD Mobile using an emulator. It could even make the difference between winning and losing if you’re always finishing in second or third place.